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APOLLO, obtained by SA.PI.SE center in Vercelli from the natural cross – GMO free – between an asian rice and an italian one, is an alternative to Basmati and Jasmine aromatic rice.

It has an elongated grain and a frangrance that reminds just baked bread, hint of dried fruit and white flower with light spicy note.

It cooks in a short time and resists overcooking very well without flaking off thanks to its good tenor of amylose.

Brown Apollo rice has a flavour enriched with notes of straw and hay.  It is a valid alternative to aromatic pigmented rice.

❖ Excellent if boiled or steamed as pilaf and stir fried, Apollo
can be matched with white meat, fish and vegetables.
Very good for salad and suitable for special preparations as
“supplì”, “arancini” and sweet cakes for its tendency to become

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