The real tradition of italian rice

Located in the heart of the most important italian and european rice area, Riso Testa farm produces rice in an ancient farmstead, called Grampa, already mentioned in old archival documents of the XVI century.

Riso Testa operate according to conscious agriculture standard.  It adopts the typical practices of conventional agriculture with a particular interest in the rational use of phytosanitary and fertilizer products and with a special focus on saving energy and
water resources.

Riso Testa farm takes care of the entire production cycle of rice,  from soil preparation to field sowing, from cultivation to drying and storage in silos as far as the final product conservation.

Only the polishing and packaging phases are entrusted to small local firms, but always under the strict control of Riso Testa to grant the best quality.

Conscious farming means that the producer:

  • Plans the field operations according to whether forecast in order to avoid waste of water.

  • Adopts integrated farming techniques. 

  • Applies precision farming tools. 

  • Controls farming operations to reduce the emission of pollutants.

  • Reduces water consumption by laser-controlled leveling and compaction of the soil.

  • Reduces thermal and electrical energy consumption of the drying system thanks to punctuality in sowing and consequent natural ripening in the field

Come and visit us or write us to know all the details of our production”

Cascina Grampa can be visited by reservation.