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Baldo rice: our specialty

Baldo is a highly prized rice, the result of the cross between the Arborio and Stirpe 136 varieties. Not well known to the public outside the production areas in the Novara, Vercelli and Pavia areas, it is nevertheless considered by many chefs and connoisseurs to be one of the best rices of Italy. A product with strong potential in which Riso Testa particularly believes.

Baldo Riserva, a specialty of RisoTesta, is obtained from paddy rice (raw rice) of the Baldo variety left to mature after drying for at least a year in storage silos. A process that provides superior cooking resistance, a special crunchy consistency, more intense flavour, an increase in volume of the grains during cooking with a great visual effect, better preservation of nutritional properties and greater digestibility.

❖Rice with large and slightly elongated grains, crystalline without pearls, creamy and consistent. Ideal for the traditional “all’onda” risotto, Riso Baldo is also suitable for salads and sweet and savory baked dishes.

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