1Kg Carnaroli rice

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CARNAROLI: The grains of Carnaroli rice are large and tapered and have a high amylose content (up to 24% dry matter), have low stickiness and do not overcook. Carnaroli rice is ideal for the preparation of risottos, salads and baked dishes.

Cooks in 11-14 minutes. 1 kg pack

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CARNAROLI is very appreciated by chefs and foodies for its excellent over-cooking resistance and the particular visual effect of the well-shelled grains, able to remain well separated and keep their shape without sticking or flaking of.

Carnaroli is ideal for risotto with soft and juicy ingredients, in balanced contrast with the persistent crunchy effect of its grains. Also perfect for salads, baked dishes and stir-fried rice.

Cooking time: al dente 12 min. normal 14 min.

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