500g Carnaroli Riserva rice

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CARNAROLI RISERVA: Carnaroli Riserva is obtained from paddy rice (raw rice) of the Carnaroli variety left to rest for a year according to an ancient aging process in which the starch stabilizes and reduces its dispersion in the preparation liquid.

Compared to the unripened Carnaroli has a superior cooking tightness and better nutritional properties.

Bake in 13-15 minutes. 500g pack

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CARNAROLI RISERVA is made from paddy rice (raw rice) of Carnaroli variety left to age after drying for at least one year in storage silos. Ageing provides superior over-cooking resistance, a special crunchy texture, more intense flavor, an increase in volume of the grains with great visual effect, better preservation of the nutritional properties and greater digestibility.

Carnaroli riserva is recommended for risotto, especially in the case of numerous diners (ho.re.ca. services) thanks to its great over-cooking resistance. Ideal for salads and for dishes in which the grains must remain clearly distinct and keep their shape without sticking or flaking off. Very suitable for PAELLA.

Cooking time: al dente 13 min. normal 15 min.

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