1Kg Aromatic Apollo rice in a box

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Apollo is a rice with an elongated grain and the aroma of dried fruit and white flowers with a light spicy note, Apollo Rice is ideal for making pilaf and steamed cooking; it can also be boiled and sautéed with vegetables, meats, fish or cheeses. Excellent for salads. Its preparation is very simple and quick.

Cooks in 11-13 minutes. 1 kg pack in case

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Apollo has an elongated grain, an aroma reminiscent of freshly baked bread, hints of dried fruit and white flowers with light spicy notes.

It cooks quickly and resists over-cooking very well without sticking. Delicious boiled or steamed like “pilaf” and stir-fried, it goes well with white meat, fish and vegetables. Very suitable for salads and traditional preparations such as supplì, arancini, sweet and savory cakes due to its ability to compact.

Cooking time: al dente 11 min. normal 13 min.

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